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What is Softline uPVC

uPVC is the best and most suitable window material and its importance is constantly growing all over the world. It is not only used for construction, but also for everyday commodities such as clothes, drinking bottles or medical applications.
The unparalleled material „PVC“ offers a whole range of outstanding product properties for a window that remains unbeaten by any other raw material. Furthermore, purchase costs of uPVC windows are far more economical than for a comparable product made of wood or aluminium..

Why Softline uPVC

Because of their characteristics U-PVC windows have the largest market share in the modern Europe and therefore they are the most popular windows.
For saving energy U-PVC windows are the perfect choice, independent from climate and region. In conjunction with modern glasses first-rate insulation values can be achieved, this saves energy, money and conserves the environment.

How Softline uPVC Differ From Others

There are great many of aspects that play a significant role when choosing new windows. For this reason, we would like to present you some interesting facts about uPVC windows that will help you with your decision making.
Based on the great variety of windows there are hardware systems for the most different window types. The hardware is a significant component of the window, especially for handling and security. The hardware for the most common European tilt and turn systems offers the best safety, security and comfort for your home. However, good hardware for casement and sliding systems is also available.

Unique Features

  • The initial costs for U-PVC windows are lower than the price for compatible good quality wooden and aluminum windows.
  • U-PVC is completely harmless for humans.
  • U-PVC windows and doors offer functional efficiency for years and durability without recurrent effort of conservation with paint or special maintenance.
  • U-PVC does not have an accelerant effect.
  • U-PVC windows preserve the nature especially the tropical forests.

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